"We started Oliver Green to contribute to a healthier society."

Our idea of great food is whole foods that both improve human health and reduce our impact on the planet. In a search for food that’s sustainable, delicious and healthy, we figured that Amsterdam was missing just that.

We want to make healthy foods easily accessible and delicious, while being mindful of the impact we have on the planet. We do that by creating innovative recipes using plant-forward whole foods and sharing our passion for food to inspire the Amsterdam community to make conscious decisions.


Stefan and Merel are united in their passion for healthy food. 

Stefan, with his background in nutrition and experimentation with different diets, takes the lead in creating the menu at Oliver Green. He is constantly updating it with new knowledge about health, believing that the restaurant should be a daily destination for the neighborhood’s health-conscious. 

Merel, with her love for vegetables and fruits: “In the end all of us would be better off eating more plants, but the fact is that we’re spoiled with processed foods that make us forget where our foods originate from. With Oliver Green I want to reconnect the urban inhabitants enjoy the rich nutrients, flavors and effects of whole foods that nature has to offer.”  

Together, they strive to make their food concept better every day, both for their customers and their employees.

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oliver green - West

  • sun – thur: 9:00 AM – 20:30 
  • fri – sat:      9:00 AM – 16:00 

oliver green - zuid

  • sun – thur: 08:30 AM – 20:30 
  • fri – sat:      08:30 AM – 16:00