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The time is finally there. We are going to reward your loyalty to Oliver Green. With every purchase in-store or through our Click & Collect you’ll be collecting points (Greenies). These Greenies can be redeemed in-store for nice rewards and the more greenies you’ve collected the higher your level which means even more benefits.

Sign up below, add your unique QR code to your wallet so you can easily collect and redeem greenies in store!

Collect points and earn rewards

Every time you scan your loyalty card in-store or via click and collect, you will collect points. Every €1 spent adds 2.5 greenies to your account.

This is how you can use your rewards

50 greenies
Free Ginger Shot

100 Greenies
Free Coffee

150 Greenies
Free Specialty Coffee

200 Greenies
Free Smoothie or Juice

250 Greenies
Free Acai

300 Greenies
Free Wrap or Sandwich

400 Greenies
Free Salad of choice

500 Greenies
Free Warm Bowl of choice

But there’s more…

Start celebrating your birthday at Oliver Green with a breakfast on us!

More points means more benefits. If you have earned more than 500 greenies you get a breakfast and coffee on your birthday. We believe its a great way to start a new year with a healthy meal. You will also be invited to new Oliver Green opening parties. 

Collect more than 1000 points for a free ginger shot every time you visit us.

Oliver Green
Reusable cup

When you’ve reached 250 points, you will get an Oliver Green reusable coffee cup. Each coffee you order with us in this cup will be on a 50% discount.

Have you collected more than 2000 points you reached the highest level: you’re a platinum member and will get an exclusive Oliver Green hoody and you get 20% off every time you visit us. 

Every time you scan your loyalty card in-store or via click and collect, you will collect greenies. More greenies means more benefits!

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