We are always looking for talented people to become part of the Oliver Green family

Do you want to contribute to a healthier, greener and kinder world? Have a look at our open positions below.


Chef dishes

You want to make things shine. You don’t mind to get your hands dirty and work evening and weekend hours. Approximately 12-15 hours a week. 

Prep Cook

You like to organize a feast for your taste buds, you know how to handle knifes and are ready to kick some kitchen asses! Every day we cook from scratch. 

Pastry Chef

You’re born to bake and you want to bake the best vegan pastries in town? We’re looking for a pastry chef for approximately 12 hours a week. 


Barista / Smoothie Operator

Or shall we say smooth operator? It can get busy at the bar. You know best how to handle multiple orders and pump out some of those power smoothies and oat cappuccinos!

Store Manager

Ready to take on more responsibility? We need someone to look after Oliver Green. You will be the person who will place the orders, makes the schedule and knows all ins and outs in store.

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