Amsterdam was missing a nutritious yet plant-based take out with bold flavors.

Four years ago we first experimented with eating a plant-based diet. In the process we came to see that eating only plants is not as easy as it sounds. Weird faces from friends and family, limited choices at office canteens and restaurant and strange looking ingredients we had never heard of.

As health enthusiasts we were worried that we were not getting all the nutrients we needed and started learning more about a plant-based way of life. Not only did we discover that through eating a  plant based diet we were saving the planet, but we were also astounded by the countless health benefits that this lifestyle brings if done right. 

With our new found knowledge, eating a healthy, nutritious plant-based meal became even more important to us; but while living busy lives, we did not always feel like cooking. When eating out, we found the options were limited to bland tasting foods or not as healthy as we liked it to be. The conclusion was that Amsterdam was missing a nutritious yet plant-based take out with bold flavors. 

During our travels we were never short of interesting and inspiring flavors, so much so that we became determined to make these suitable for our new found way of eating. 

That is where the idea of opening Oliver Green got shape. 

Oliver Green provides healthy, flavoursome plant-based alternatives for every moment of the day and for everyone who values a healthier lifestyle. With our take-out cafe we hope to bring our food to every neighbourhood.


A whole food plant-based diet, a fit for all walks of life.

Our overall view on nutrition is influenced by macrobiotic eating and the book “How not to die” by dr. Greger. Macrobiotic eating is all about balancing proteins, carbs and fats in your meals while Dr. Greger found out which foods to eat best. He researched the top 15 causes of death in the United States and explains how nutritional and lifestyle interventions can prevent them. 

He advises a whole food plant-based diet with a daily checklist of twelve foods. These are leafy greens, beans, berries, whole grains, cruciferous vegetables, nuts, turmeric, flaxseeds and vegetables and other fruit that are not berries. You can find the book and checklist here.

In our menu we do not use artificial or processed foods as well as refined oils and sugars. We use fermented which are proven to be good for a healthy gut, superfoods packed with anti-oxidants, minerals, healthy fats and other nutrients that are helping you body to perform better and in also we offer some adaptogenics to help your body adapt to stress, these can be herb, roots or mushrooms. 

We work hard to ensure that our menu is a fit for all walks of life, whether you are a die hard athlete, or take a more sedentary approach to life.


Macro bowls

Macrobiotics is about balancing ourselves with the natural world. Our macro bowls are balanced compositions of whole grains, plant proteins, healthy fats and both raw and cooked vegetables. On the menu we give insight in representation of the calories and the three macronutrients; carbs, protein and fats in each bowl. In all bowls we try to hit as many foods from the Daily Dozen as we can.   

Breakfast bowls

Our breakfast menu features lighter meals like smoothie bowls that are a perfect way to activate your digestive system and savoury breakfast bowls packed with proteins. Breakfast can be an excellent way to start the day, but for those who crave something sweet later on, we offer our breakfast menu the entire day. Excellent choice for people who like to fast in the morning.

Smoothies and juices

We love smoothies and juices for their convenient way get lots of nutrients into our diets. Our smoothies consist of fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, superfoods, veggies and protein powders to offer a good alternative for a meal. With our juices we aim to pack as many nutrients in one bottle for a quick influx of vitamins and minerals. 

Health drinks

To accompany our food we have designed functional drinks. Think gingerade to help with digestion, hibiscus water which is packed with antioxidants and wellness lattes made of superfoods and plant-based milks. 



What we eat is what we become. We believe food should be plant-based and healthy. We believe this is not only better for our health but also for for the planet and its inhabitants.  


Whole foods in their natural form so that it provides maximal nutritional benefits to our bodies and has less impact on the planet. We believe that eating as little refined products as possible is best for us.


Making change starts with understanding. We share our knowledge to empower people to make conscious decisions. 


We provide insights in ingredients, nutritional information and health effects of the food we serve. Because we believe everyone deserves to know. 


Being kind for your body, the planet and the people around you. Help each other to become better and good things will come back to you. 




Merel her roots are in the countryside of The Netherlands. Crazy about the beauty of nature and the effects it has on the way we feel. Nature calms her down and brings back new energy. She has always been passionate about food. Cooking healthy meals for friends and family. 

After working for corporates for several years she felt she had to give another direction to her life. In combination with her recent move to a fitter lifestyle she found her purpose. Helping people to get fitter and feel better in the way she experienced it herself in the past years. She wants to show that plant-based food is nothing special and can be super tasty. 

“I don’t want to turn people vegan, I just want to show that plant-based food makes you feel good. Mentally and physically.” 


Stefan has been interested in food for as long as he can remember. As an athlete at young age he knew food was super important to be able to perform. Later on he went to work in kitchens to pay for his studies. The skills he gained there he now uses in the Oliver Green kitchen where he is in charge of making the recipes.

Stefan was not directly sold on the idea of becoming vegan when, because it is common knowledge that you need meat and drink dairy to be healthy and to be able to perform. As an avid reader he came across several books which sparks his interest for a plant based diet both from an ethical as a health point of view. 

The book that convinced to try out a plant based diet was the book Sapiens. The way people domesticated farm animals and now treat them as goods instead of living beings came as a harsh insight. The experiment went well and while reading further he found that eating plant based is of course better for the animals, but also for the planet and most importantly for Stefan his own health.